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Welcome to our family-friendly tropical plant nursery, where every visit is an adventure for plant lovers of all ages! As you step into our nursery, you'll be greeted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere that's perfect for families. Our friendly staff is always on hand to offer expert advice and guidance. From towering palms to delicate ferns, there's something to captivate the imagination of every member of the family. The adventure doesn't stop there, join us for our monthly hands-on workshops on planting activities to educational seminars on plant care, there's always something new and exciting to discover. We can't wait to welcome you into our Plant Paradise!

Our Specialities

Exotic and Tropical Plant Sales ✨ Community Workshops ✨ Plant Sitting✨ Interior Design ✨ Plant Rentals ✨ Routine Maintenance

Monthly Feature

Birds of Paradise

The Birds of Paradise plant, also known as Strelitzia, is a striking tropical plant native to South Africa. Its large, paddle-shaped leaves and vividly colored flowers resemble a tropical bird in flight. It's low-maintenance and thrives in bright, indirect light. Perfect for adding a touch of exotic beauty to any garden or indoor space.

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"I purchased 2 plants. I’m new to having my own. I received very detailed information with the questions I had. The place was very comforting, calming and just so relaxing. My grandmother loved how there were different type of plants to choose from, all the different colors, sizes, and shapes of the leaves. I would highly recommend plant paradise. I am satisfied with my purchase and look forward to purchasing again."

Meily Garcia

"Today, I got 3 beautiful plants! Also the customer service was the best! I loved that the owner took the time to explain what each individual plants needed in terms of repotting or when to water or where to properly place them which was super helpful as a first time plant mom! I definitely recommend Plant Paradise. Thanks again!"

Marisol Molina

"Ordered Birds of Paradise, Limelight bush, and a Monstera. All the plants are so beautiful and healthy! They really take care for their plants at Plant Paradise!"

Greg Lombardo

"Talk about an amazing experience! I was in search of a local place that took great care of their plants. When I went to pickup my order it was like walking into a tropical amazon! The plants were all well cared for, beautiful shiny leaves! A waterfall in the green room with soothing earth sounds playing. The owner and I spoke for over an hour! She provided tips and recommendations and she spent time just to have a general conversation. I thought days of CUSTOMER service like that were long gone! She even followed up after I left. If you are in need of quality beautiful plants, by someone that truly loves plants and takes a genuine interest in their customers, Plant Paradise is the place!"

Rhea Alicia Fryer

"Truly happy with my customer’s experience with this company. They provide fast shipping. I brought my plants, a couple weeks ago and it’s still thriving. Thanks so much."

Kiki Fabre

"Had the best experience purchasing from Plant Paradise! Fallon answered questions I had about the plants I was interested in, and she also helped me choose plants that would fit best in my space. I was able to get plants that I really wanted but didn't think would thrive well in my space because of her recommendations. She packaged them beautifully and even delivered them to my house! They're all very healthy and I can't wait to get more!"

Taylor Stehle Sloan